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Honduras 5952
Buenos Aires

Contact Number

T: +54 116 394 3029


Name Job title Contact Direct line
Paolo Cavalieri VFX Supervisor Send a message
Lisa Maffi Executive Producer Send a message


Bleed VFX is an award winning postproduction studio based in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Sao Paulo. We work for clients around the world, always looking for the best solution within our client’s needs and possibilities.

We specialize in creating physical and dynamic simulations reaching high quality effects for films and commercials.
We solve Fluids, Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Particles, Dust, Fractures, Cloth and more.

Our clients include some of the biggest food & beverage companies as well as beauty, hygiene and personal care industries.

Some of the services we offer are:

-Model, texture, shading & lighting
-Matte Painting
-3D Animation
-Motion graphics



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Production Production Company Type Year Role
Dutch Lady TVC/Leo Burnet Vietnam Commercial 2017 Post Producer
Summer Disney Channel/Brandings Ids Commercial 2014 Post Producer
Hair Conditioning TVC/El.Ei Studios Commercial 2011 Post Producer
80's Nat Geo/Branding Ids Commercial 2013 Post Producer
Babyhead Unilever TVC/Limbo Commercial 2015 Post Producer
Pantene Gaia TVC/Landia Commercial 2017 Post Producer
Freeze Coors Light TVC/Shooters USA Commercial 2014 Post Producer
New Asahi TVC/Robot Japan Commercial 2015 Post Producer
DMAX Discovery Networks/Ids Branding Commercial 2016 Post Producer
80s Commercial 2013 Post Producer
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