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Contact details


Rua Itapolis, 601
Sao Paulo

Contact Number

T: +55 113 665 3333

Facebook Profile


Name Job title Contact Direct line
Marina Marujo Executive Producer Send a message +55 213 439 4106
Krysse Mello Executive Producer / Partner of Barry Company Send a message +55 113 665 3333


Barry Company is a full production company based in São Paulo with an office in Rio de Janeiro.

We picked the name Barry Company for a reason: we really wanted the company part of it to be there, because we are not only Barry Films, even though we shoot a lot of films for advertising, digital content, television, short films, even feature films. But we’d like people to think we a more than that. We are a company because we are ready to bring as many talented and creative people as we need to get the job done, whatever that job may be.

So we work with three different segments: Films, Music and Entertainment
The Film department is all about producing commercials and digital content for advertising agencies, as well as providing production services for other partners around the world.

The Music department works with music related brand experiences such as concerts, parties and even music festivals.

The Entertainment division works mostly with TV production, but also with short, feature film and production services as well.
Please, check out our work on our website.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Production Type Year
Bolt vs Flame – Nissan Commercial 2016
Bolt’s Life – Gatorade / Ambev Commercial 2016
The Steves – Rolling Stones Magazine Commercial 2015
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