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Dereglye utca. 5/B

Contact Number

T: +36 302 727 899


Like every other production house in Romania, we at Family Film, believe that we are the `Best Production Services Company You Will Find In Our Country.`

Unlike every other production company though, we realized that when everyone is the best, no one really is. So we try to make the best better everyday.

First thing: We care about you and your money. Therefore, we find the best solutions for every budget and adapt our assets to each client’s needs.
Bonus: We give our best to make your stay and shoot in Romania a memorable one.

The Family Film crew guarantees high quality standards and a professional manner of solving problems, aiming to meet all expectations of cost effectiveness and quality.

Over the past few years, Family Film has made a distinct name for itself by offering top quality services in pre-production (budgeting, location scouting, casting, concept, set construction and design), as well as in shooting and post-production services for various local and international clients.

In our short existence we have built steady relationships with clients from Romania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, USA, France, UK, India, Dubai, Malaysia, Pakistan and Japan. And that`s because we don`t just claim to make `beautiful, creative work and products that move people `we actually deliver on that promise.

Besides, over 150 commercials for local and international markets some of our productions also include full length feature films:

- Jai Ho (2014)
- Singh is Bliing (2015)
- Hero (2015)
- Raaz Reboot (2016)

Get in touch with us if you`re considering Romania or Hungary for your next shoot.


Production Type
Jaquar - Melt the Day Away Commercial
Vivo V5 - Perfect Selfie Commercial
Cadbury 5 Star – Vacation Commercial
Abloy - Immortal Mr. Henriksson Commercial
OBI - DIY (Hellraiser, Chewing Gum, Sheep) Commercial
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