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Contact details


Anatole France N 349
Colonia Polanco Reforma
Mexico City

Contact Number

T: +52 55 5262 8740
T: +52 155 4180 7707
F: +52 55 5262 8740

mfrancini Facebook Profile CentralFilmsMX


Name Job title Contact Direct line
Mauricio Francini General Executive Producer Send a message
Matias Godoy Send a message
Tete Parada International Executive Producer Send a message


We are a production company expert

Central films was born in the year 2002.  Making movies and TV commercials, and offering an insuperable combination on both excellent production values and service philosophy.

Today we are proud to have consolidated our production company as one of the most important advertising means in Mexico and Latin America.

Central Films is a production company of TV commercials, videoclips and documentaries for Mexico and some other regions; at the same time it offers production services for other production companies in the world.

Since our birth we have been awarded by film festivals both in Mexico and outside, which have given us a great projection in the advertising arena.

We have joint ventures with other production companies and foreign agents for our directors, allowing us to film in different places.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Production Type Year Role
Boxer - SADIA Commercial 2013 Production & Post
Office - AMIS Commercial 2013 Production
Treadmill - Skittles Commercial 2013 Production
Mentor - Skittles Commercial 2013 Production
Bosque - Gandhi Commercial 2013 Production
Ejecución - Gandhi Commercial 2013 Production
Battle Royal - Charter Commercial 2013 Production
Emocionismo - Mazda3 Commercial 2013 Production
Pool – Parental Control Commercial 2013 Production
Playground - MMT Commercial 2013 Production
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