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Contact details

Contact Number

T: +52 555 659 4336
T: +52 555 659 4372

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Name Job title Contact Direct line
Gabriel Castillo Producer / Journalist Send a message +52 55 5659 4336
Karim Iglesias Photography director Send a message +52 55 5659 4336
Sergio Julian Lopez Director Send a message +52 55 5659 4372


Drax Produktion comes with great experience in different branches of the media field. Based out of Mexico City, we move to any location inside Mexico and Latin America according to your requirements, necessities and budget.

We specialize in audiovisual production, make films and video recordings, post production, while providing sound, lighting and projection services for live events.

We work on documentaries, television, corporate, aerial filming and live events, from corporate conventions to rock concerts.

We also provide services, advice, logistics and technical support to international productions.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish






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Production Production Company Type Year Role
Yoko Ono – Land of Hope Documentary 2016 Production and Post- production
Mexico's Triathlons GMC (Mexico) Short Film 2015/ 2016 Production and Post- production
In Conflic with Tradition Documentary 2015 Production
68 'Lessons Memory & Tolerance Museum (Mexico) Other 2015 Mapping
Nightwish Oily Empire (Finland) Other 2015 Live Filming
Somos UNO (We are ONE) Hispan TV (Iran) TV 2015 Production
Lacrimosa – Live in Mexico City Other 2015 Production and Post- production
Economia Social (Social Economy) Documentary 2015 Production
BigBang Dilemma Entertainment (Canada) Other 2015 Live Filming
Leo Jimenez – 20 Anos tras el Apocalipsis Other 2014 Live Filming
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