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10 UBI Crescent
UBI Techpark
Lobby B

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T: +65 826 895 68

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Name Job title Contact Direct line
Anjali Rawat Send a message +65 826 895 68
Kundan Shendurkar Send a message +91 909 923 204 408
Sujata Ingle Customer Relationship Manager +91 020 650 044 08


We are living in an era where ‘sameness’ dominates the Filmscape. The same imagery. The same effects.  The same production values. Film after film, it’s the same thing that’s being churned out with factory like regularity. Again and again.
Try this…take away the logo of a company in one of these ad films and substitute it for another.  Chances are, you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

This is where Lemontree’s craft comes as a breath of fresh air.  Since the past few years, Lemontree Media has been putting together a body of work that sparkles with originality. In films that shine with integrity.
Films that break the sameness barrier.

Take for example, our Corporate films. They crystallize the core philosophy of the client while imparting a unique flair and flavour to the message. Call it the ‘Lemontree Touch’.  A fresh approach that adds new dimensions and depth to the storyline.  In this way, the client’s project, product or service is projected in the best possible light.  And most importantly; the film clearly spells out what the client’s company is all about and what it does.  All in a convincing package that motivates employees and inspires trust among consumers.

The Documentaries we produce explore the range of human emotion in fresh, interesting ways. They rise above mere commentaries about people and places to become inspirational vehicles that provoke thought and action.
Our Short films draw chic, vivid portraits using compelling storytelling while staying rooted to reality. They might be punctuated with a little ‘dash and splash’ but substance is never sacrificed at the altar of style.

Indeed, from Training Films to Video Case Studies and from Animation, Visual Effects to Digital Post Production, Team Lemontree has the experience, and the skills, to handle in-house motion picture and television commercial writing, directing, editing, producing, as well as film score music composing and recording. Quick concept development, crisp scripts, tight editing, and motion graphics are also part of our ever expanding repertoire.

Lemontree has proved to be a valuable partner and able ally for companies overseas in helping them source the right production equipment, talent, and opportunities in India, New Zeland and South East Asia.  Our production and logistical support has helped them meet tight deadlines and complete their international projects to their entire satisfaction.

Closer home, our consulting approach and cost effective, innovative solutions have been winning hearts, and minds, for over years.

After all, in anything that we do, our endeavour is to promote the client’s business keeping one objective in mind; Freedom From Sameness.

Languages Spoken

  • English




Production Type Year Role
TUV - Germany Corporate Video 2012 Local Production Support
BOSCH - Germany Commercial 2014 Casting / Pre Production / Production
ICRJ- USA Documentary 2015 Pre Production / Production / Post Production
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