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37 Craddock Avenue
South Africa

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T: +27 82 569 9901


Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign is a new global business model in the
content & entertainment space.

A live, fluid, place of the world’s best talent curators, content creators and conscious creatives.

A land of conversations and collaborations, of carving out moments and digging deeper.

Where clients who have a concept, come to us to create it.

A place where we curate talent by creating talent.

You know us from Sweet Spot Content, SubUrban and The Gatehouse.

Our first piece of work @LNLD is BASF’s global campaign.

This new iteration is about making space for a different way of working.

Where the process is as important as the product.

We work it.

We are working it.

Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign

“When they ask you about us I don’t want you to answer if we’re good or smart.
In fact I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to be breathless when they say our name.”

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