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115 7th Street
South Africa

Contact Number

T: +27 114 476 370
F: +27 114 472 654


Welcome to Ola! Films. We are a creative film and digital content production company
based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.
Some facts about us:

• We’ve been around for 10 years and have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and have worked in other parts of Africa and abroad.
• We are a high-end production house made up of 3 producers and 4 in-house directors, and a service division. We also occasionally dry-hire directors as need demands.
• Creativity is important to us, and sometimes it has to come before the money.
We work as a collective and often bring the whole team on board to assist and create.
international service
Ola!Films’ production services division is headed up by Executive Producer Olivia Leitch. After many years of working internationally as a commercial producer, Olivia decided it was time to head back to the motherland.
No sooner had she set up shop at Ola!Films, than the phone started ringing with calls from former clients, bereft of that special Olivia magic. So for a series of happy international clients who keep coming back, Olivia has wrangled penguins, repurposed shipping vessels, magicked helicopters and generally done exactly what she and Ola!Films do best - make love out of nothing at all. So whether it’s lions, giraffes,  and elephants you’re after in the African bushveld, or gorgeous beaches, or top class studios, we can make it happen for you.
Our Objectives

To keep repeat business strong and attract more international clients.

To continue growing and nurturing young talent.

To honour thoroughness, collaboration and communication.

To keep the production process fun.

To remain relevant and keep up with the trends, while grounded by traditional work ethic and skill.






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Production Production Company Type Year Role
Burger King Ola! Films Commercial 2017 Production Company
Oumou Sangare Art Bridge- Quad Music Video 2017 Production Services
NRK's Men Of Action NRK Documentary 2017 Production Services
KFC Ola! Films Commercial 2016 Production Company
Vodacom Ola! Films Commercial 2016 Production Company
Bankaxept Solvsuper Commercial 2015 Production Services
Johnson’s Triple Baby Connection Ola! Films Commercial 2014 Production Company
Addidas Originals – Run Thru Time Ola! Films Commercial 2014 Production Company
Nickens Babusjka Commercial 2013 Production Services
STX Europe “Human Ship” Commercial 2009 Production Services
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