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Stenhuggarvägen 15
132 38

Contact Number

T: +46 841 031 080
T: +46 705 511 551

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Name Job title Contact Direct line
Linnea Molin Bjorkdahl PA
Rickard Molin Send a message +46 841 031 080
+46 705 511 551


Let us directly kill the myth. We’re not a location agency.

Freelancing location scouts markets their locations on LOCAMUNDO.

We take no comion.

All locations are subject to B2B. is the meeting place where location scouts gather around and promote their business and locations.

You who seek locations will find lots of reputable location finders that will give you the best possible service.

As a location scout, you have opportunity to be in contact with a wider customer base and also get a great tool to work with www. is a direct link between buyers and sells.

Surf to the site. hopes you will find the site fun and easy to use. Since we are always developing, expect more news and website development in years to come.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Swedish




Production Type Year Role
Eu Valet Commercial 2014 Art Director
Socialdemokraternas Valfilm Commercial 2014 Location Scout
Verisure Commercial 2014 Location Scout
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