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Lightwell Visualisation Ltd

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2 Portland Road
West Bridgford

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T: +44 (0) 115 981 3350
T: +44 (0) 7939 028350

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Lightwell are specialists in the design and preparation of virtual sets and digital backdrops for television and beyond.

Whatever your TV or web broadcasting environment, you can rely on our experience and expertise in set design & both physical and virtual. We will give you an environment that lifts the quality of your broadcast, maximises the impact of every camera shot and enhances the performance of your presenters.

Creating exceptional designs for television is our mission.

We actively study architecture and interior design, as well as sets and production design in all kinds of TV, films and games.

Virtual studios can be brought to life with intelligent virtual set designs, producing a credible and convincing broadcast environment.

We design and prepare pre-rendered virtual sets for all the most popular systems such as Newtek Tricaster, VizRT and Ross. This includes designing multiple scenes within a single studio, and credible architectural designs that create apparently real spaces with components based on real world sizes.

Digital backdrops will add depth and perspective to all camera shots, from wides to singles, even within the smallest TV or web broadcast studio.

We produce digital backdrops from still artwork for lightboxes and wall surfaces to animated scenes for large format LED screens.

A particular specialism is matching your camera positions for maximum effect, providing a sense of depth when the physical depth does not exist.

Digital environments can make a physical space appear bigger, taller or deeper. They can mask incompatible building features and enhance a space by adding elements that would be too expensive or impractical to add physically.

Using photography to enhance or replace skies, re-arrange buildings in a landscape, change day to night and winter to summer, we can create the perfect, idealised environment.

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Production Type Year Role
Bloomberg 'GO' TV 2015 Digital Set Designer
ITV EU Referendum TV 2016 Virtual Set Designer
ITV News TV 2013 Digital Set Designer
TV2 News (New Zealand) TV 2012 Digital Sets Designer
The F1 Show, Sky Sports F1 TV 2012 Digital Sets Designer
Soccer Saturday, Sky Sports TV 2012 Digital Sets Designer
Daybreak TV 2012 Digital Sets Designer
BBC Midlands Today TV 2012 Digital Sets Designer
At The Races TV 2012 Studio Backdrops Designer
Sky Sports News TV 2011 Set Extension Designer
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