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Search for film, TV and commercial production services companies in 173 countries. Find everything from film commissions, locations services, film crew, camera equipment and studios.

About KFTV

KFTV is essential for anyone involved in finding suppliers for producing films, TV programmes and commercials.

The website enables you to find facilities around the world – helping you to find the very best production equipment hire, studios, post-production facilities, film crew, crew services, broadcasting facilities, production companies, and location services

You’ll also find out how to take advantage of tax breaks and incentives – and then find the suppliers in the territories you wish to film.

Filming that involves travel often means a different kind of pre-production. KFTV helps you to plan filming on location around the globe by putting you in touch with local experts - which can help reduce the costs of transporting crew and equipment.

With KFTV, you’ll also discover in-depth information on shooting, travel, health, and weather, wherever you’re planning your next production.

KFTV – a new name but with a service that continues the Kemps legacy

You might have noticed that we’ve changed our name from Kemps to KFTV.

KFTV’s proud heritage starts with the Kemps Film, Television and Commercial Production Services Handbook, which was published for 50 years. Ten years ago the Kemps website was launched with the web address of, an abbreviation of Kemps film, TV and video.

Recent research showed us that the website is referred to both as KFTV and Kemps. So we’ve relaunched the site as KFTV – keeping the great legacy of Kemps, and with a name and website address that are aligned.

What else is new?

The new version of KFTV keeps the best of Kemps – with some great new features. For example KFTV search boxes have been simplified to enable you to more easily find international suppliers.

You’ll also find more information on companies – look out for new maps and social media links to enable you to conduct more in-depth research of companies.

We’ve also enhanced the incredibly useful country guides – with much more information on tax breaks for filming, incentives, permits and visas, and some great tips for where to film.

The best place to find international production experts

Whatever you’re searching for – locations, services, or facilities, you’ll find some great production suppliers to work with in KFTV. And whether it’s for film, TV or a commercial, KFTV helps you plan your next production. From a list of worldwide film studios to a database of location services – you’ll find everything you need in KFTV.

KFTV is your international guide to pre-production

The best place to promote your production service and facility

KFTV is the first place to find international production services for tens of thousands of production companies and advertising agencies.

Producers, directors, line producers, production managers and location managers all use KFTV to find suppliers when a bit of travel is required. Rather than transporting film crew and production equipment they find local production suppliers such as yourselves in KFTV. Whether you provide services for filming on location or on set, and for pre, during or post production, KFTV is the place to reach tens of thousands of decision-makers actively seeking new and alternative production services.

If you want to be found by producers, directors, line producers, location managers and production managers find out how to get new business using KFTV.

Contact Sarah Keegan via email for more information on how KFTV can help your promote your company to the international production community.

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The Team

Laurenz Puddick

International Sales Manager

Laurenz has worked with KFTV for over 10 years and she really enjoys travelling to meet potential clients, and current advertisers, across the globe. Laurenz is a very keen runner and loves pushing herself to the limit!

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Pier Pistocchi

International Sales Manager

Pier has spent 11 years as a well travelled International Sales Manager who spends most of his life living in hotels around the world, so much so his two cats have threatened to leave him for a new owner. His weakness is drinking wine and complains that his main problem is having two hands and only one mouth

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Sarah Keegan

Senior Sales Manager

Sarah Keegan is Senior Sales Manager at KFTV, so really knows her buttons from her banners. She loves to globetrot when she gets the chance, keeping a watchful eye on KFTV activity around the world.

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