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594-19, Sinsa-dong
Gang Nam Gu
Korea, Republic (South)

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T: +82 234 451 006
F: +82 2 6008 5472


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Seon Kwon Head Producer Send a message


Mr.Romance PLUS is the most efficient & reliable production service company in Korea.

Mr.Romance PLUS has been providing the most efficient and reliable production service to many international productions for 13 years. We’ve worked on high-end commercials, low-budget internet films, Blockbuster Hollywood feature film, Netflix TV drama, various TV programs & documentary, commercial print shoot and even fixer work for TV News.

From our long experience, we know how difficult it can be to shoot abroad and that’s why we offer you our professional knowledge, suppliers and and crew to make you feel at home.

When you need location pictures or a quote for your project, we can provide it promptly. Just send us email, We will reply you within a few hours. We are ready to work with you 24/7.

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Production Production Company Year Role
Marvel: Avengers: Age of Ultron 2014
Netflix: Sense8 2015
Warner Bros: Superwoman VS Batman 2015
Legendary: Pacific Rim II 2017
Marvel: Black Panther 2017
Vivo Xplay 6 2017 TVC
Intel Lenova Yoga Labtop 2017 TVC
BMW 6 Series Print Shoot 2017
LINK Brand Film 2017
Lincoln Continental 2017 TVC